20 most important points from the Pirates’ programme, which was a brief selection of topics from the whole election programme that would be the most attractive for the bulk of voters (based on a paid “market research”).

There are some topics that are obviously specific to the Czech political environment (such as the electronic registration of sales), but others are quite universal or at least relevant also for some other EU member states.

By the way, if you find any mistake, feel free to suggest corrections, as my English has noticeably deteriorated in the recent years.

And of course, feel free to share!

So here you go:

20 most important points from the Pirates’ programme

Scrutiny over the authorities

  1. Enforcing personal material liability of politicians and civil servants.
  2. Stop political cronyism. All (non-political) positions (in public bodies and publicly (co-)owned companies, especially their generously paid executive and supervisory boards) will be filled in open competition.
  3. We will prevent the profits from leaking into tax heavens.
  4. Scrutiny over agricultural subsidies and step-by-step abolition of subsidising biofuel.
  5. We will force ČEZ and other state companies to publish their contracts.

Protection of citizens from bullying

  1. Abolition of electronic registration of sales for e-shops, payments by card, craftsmen and small enterpreneurs.
  2. Allow the insurees to elect their representatives into the health insurance institutes’ boards, so they can influence the insurance policies.
  3. Genuine availability of medical cannabis for treatment of the seriously ill (TN: i.e. by ensuring sufficient supply and reasonable prices) and regulated legalisation of growing cannabis for personal medical and recreational purposes.
  4. Stop accumulation of debt collection charges – introduce the principle 1 debtor = 1 debt collector in the place of debtor’s residence.
  5. Stop the bullying by OSA (TN: Ochraný svaz autorský, the association that is entitled to collect the empty media levy), abolition of the empty media levy and overall update of copyright law.

Simplifying the state using technologies

  1. Taxes that everyone will understant – instead of 6 different forms of taxation of work only one lower tax.
  2. Accessing bureaus from home – possibility to do 90 % of the paperwork via internet without having to run between multiple different institutions.
  3. Supporting small enterpises – establishing company in one day and other simplification of the paperwork.
  4. Speeding up the judicial – introducing the electronic criminal file and standards for decisions.
  5. Possibility to handle day-to-day matters at Czech Points (TN: physical places where a few given things can be handled even now and they are available also in villages) and a single place where all the payments (TN: such as all taxes, health and pension insurance payments) to the authorities can be done.

Defending freedom

  1. Uncompromising exposure of corruption networks.
  2. Abolishment of mass surveilance of phones and internet users, as well as of internet censorship.
  3. Freedom of choice of school and immediate increase of teachers’ salaries by 20 %, because we consider an educated society the best guarantee of freedom.
  4. The possibility to donate up to 2000 CZK from one’s own taxes for independent media and projects.
  5. Active participation on the EU decision making.